As a private chef, I aim to provide you – the client – an amazing, custom-tailored experience from start to finish.

I offer two main services – which are small scale private dinner parties and events, as well as custom meal solutions for the entire family.

Dinner parties are fully customized experiences in your own home where you are free to entertain on your own terms with friends, family, and colleagues without the confines of a traditional restaurant setting. Dinner menus typically start with communal snacks that are interactive and are easy ways for your guests to engage in conversation and cut loose. After snacks, your dinner experience will be anywhere from four courses to as many as you want. The sky is the limit- it is your menu.

Custom meal solutions for your whole family is just what it sounds like- it’s a service that provides a tremendous value to your family by eliminating much of the time you spend every week thinking about what to cook, shopping for ingredients, cooking and cleaning up afterwards. I provide a new written menu a week in advance that emphasizes thoughtful, nutritious food that the whole family will enjoy. Based on the size of your family and any specific dietary needs/restrictions, portion sizes will vary. I deliver meals with instructions ready to go each week and start the whole process over for the following week. You get back all of that valuable time previously spent on worrying about dinner.

PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES — go HERE for details on nutrition focused weekly meal planning.

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